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The basic OGSP template

A completed OGSP which defines a strategy for the Cincinnati Zoo


The OGSP® Tool begins as a one-page template with five sections. 


Mission is a concise statement of "why we are here" or "what we do."


"What" success looks like for the firm over a 3 year period. Usually expressed as a sentence.


Metrics which will track progress vs. the Objective. Usually expressed a 3-4 key numbers which can be tracked regularly.


The "How" – choices which will clearly define where the firm will focus its effort and how it will win versus its competition (the 4-5 focus areas which will deliver 80%+ of the Goals; making real choices is no longer a luxury, today it is Focus or Die®).  Usually expressed as sentences.


The most important projects that define each Strategy.  Usually 3-5 Plans per Strategy and each Plan includes a single point owner, due date and status.