:: Resource Allocation

Where to Play? How to Win?

What is strategy but resource allocation? Strategy means making clear cut choices about how to compete. You cannot do everything to everybody no matter what the size of your business or how deep your pockets.

Jack Welch*


OGSP® Process

The OGSP process is custom fit to the organization and the business situation at hand.  The work group is the top management team for the company, who are responsible for overall strategic direction of the company.  The process involves two full days of meetings, pre-work and homework and takes 4 to 6 weeks to accomplish.


  • Management phone interviews (4 questions)
  • Pre-Reading: What is OGSP®?

Day One

  • Discuss OGSP® Process
  • Define Mission Statement
  • Define Objective Statement
  • Define Goals
  • Discuss “Where to Play” and “How to Win”
  • Define Strategy Headlines and Descriptions
  • Select Strategy Captains


  • Strategy Captains: First Cut at Plans

Day Two

  • Confirm Strategy Headlines and Descriptions
  • Review Plans by Strategy, build OGSP®
  • Capability check; can we do all this?
  • Assess relative priorities: “Must Do’s”
  • Won’t Do List™; Barriers
  • Define deployment plan
  • Agree quarterly/annual review process


  • Deploy OGSP® to organization
  • Schedule Quarterly Review