:: OGSP for Non-Profits

OGSP and Non-Profit Organizations

The One Page Strategic Plan® offers a number of inherent benefits to both Non-Profits (organizations relying on grants and donations for most of their support) and Not-For-Profits (organizations generating most of their revenue from selling services, but organized to reinvest all profits for the mission, such as Zoo’s, Community Hospitals, or Retirement Communities). 

For this discussion, we use the term “non-profits” to cover both organization structures, as the strategic issues are quite similar:

  • The simplicity and clarity of the OGSP® tool works well with employees who may not have had prior strategic planning experience.
  • The speed and efficiency of developing an initial OGSP® keeps time and cost requirements to a minimum versus other atlernatives. 
  • The intense “focus” built into OGSP® addresses the common tendency for non-profits and not-for-profits alike to take on far more work than their resources can support.

We have learned, however, that completing an effective One Page Strategic Plan® can also have unique challenges for philanthropic or social service organizations.

Many of these challenges are addressed in Jim Collins’ excellent pamphlet, Good to Great and the Social Sectors, which highlights the important difference in defining and achieving “greatness” in social sector entities versus for-profit businesses.  This includes focus and choice making given the more diffuse power structure of non-profits, and the tendency to embrace “activity” versus measuring performance against defined success criteria.

Fortunately, the OGSP® process, and the discipline provided by the OGSP® Facilitator, offers real solutions to these potential barriers.

For all non-profits today, the reality is Focus or Die®.